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Social Networks Manager (Bruce Porter Jr)

Hire The Social Networks Manager today 202 436 6577.  The internet is time stamped and older sites and listings tend to rank higher than newer listings so there is no time to waste.  For as little as $100 per week we can help you harness the power of the internet to to appear on the the first page of Google for your specific keywords.

1.  Social Networks Manager builds website using the most cutting edge technology.
2.  Website is easy to operate and update and includes a blog.
3.  We teach you how to operate the website including Search Engine Optimization and utilizing the various social media networks to bring in more business.
4.  Includes a twitter account that automatically feeds your tweets onto your web page.
5.  Includes a Facebook FanPage and other integrated social networking sites and how to use them.
6.  Includes free technical support for 1 month.  The Social Networks Manager is just one phone call or chat away.  202 436 6577

Web site building, content and blog writing, managing of social networks for advertising and branding, Consulting and clever advertising techniques to achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines are billed per hour.  Bruce@EmmeGirls.com 202 436 6577