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Why I voted Trump and you should too @Wikileaks

  Before you vote you have to read wikileaks.org Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Her and Obama have used their position to become billionaires on the backs of folks like you and me. They have broken our laws and trashed the constitution that has enabled your parents to give you the life you have. Appears […]

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STOP The ICANN Transfer Ceding 1st Amendment to IANA Stakeholders

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ICANN TRANSFER CALL CONGRESS! +1 202 224-3121 Tell them the MUST BLOCK this transfer it will cede free speech submitting the internet root naming system ICANN to a shadowy group of multi-national stakeholders with no government oversight. Here is Mr. Goran Marby admitting there will be no 1st Amendment […]

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