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Roll Call Vote PASS Detail On CR Funding Republicans Sold The Internet

We¬†cannot know the thrill of victory without tasting the agony of defeat. Today the Republican Party sold us out choosing global governance over America’s 1st Amendment. It’s a sad day folks. We tried our hardest now it’s time to focus on getting Trump elected. We must never forget that ANY senator even the ones that […]

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Roll Call Vote Detail On CR Funding Bill With NO 1st Amendment Protection #ICANN

UPDATE Sept. 27 4pm: >> http://socialnetworksmanager.com/?p=10200 Even giving Dems Planned Parenthood money for Puerto Rico in the Zika package and NOT including ANY 1st Amendment protection for Obama’s illegal ICANN internet giveaway IN HIS FIRST OFFER Mitch McConnell and the feckless Republican leadership FAILED to get any more than four Democrats to vote for their […]

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Republican Senators up for Re-Election Can STOP ICANN Transition

CALL CONGRESS! 202 224-3121 Mitch McConnell & these feckless Republican Senators MUST BE CALLED & TWEETED we must add “funds may not me used” to appropriations bill CR to block ICANN transfer & if they don’t add ON MONDAY STOP ILLEGAL IANA steward transition ceding our 1st Amendment protection on the web WE MUST VOTED […]

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