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Why I voted Trump and you should too @Wikileaks

Why I voted Trump and You Should Too


Before you vote you have to read wikileaks.org Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Her and Obama have used their position to become billionaires on the backs of folks like you and me. They have broken our laws and trashed the constitution that has enabled your parents to give you the life you have.

If you read Wikileaks there is no way you can vote for Hillary Clinton. Her and Obama’s plan is to infiltrate America with so many islamic migrants that we will never be able to win an election again.

Look at Britain they voted for freedom to leave the EU. They even accepted the last batch of mostly military aged muslim men who have occupied Calais, France for years and now their parliament has rejected the move to invoke Article 50 needed to leave the European Union.  Reason they want to leave the EU is because of the open borders and uncheck islamic migrants.  In islam it is acceptable to marry girls that are 6 years old, in fact their prophet did. They have death penalty for many things and if a woman is raped it’s her fault. This is what will happen to us as Clinton plans to speed up the already crippling Mid East migration program.

Here is a list of islamic countries by population please note NONE of them were originally islamic. Then after looking at all of them ask yourself if you would want to move to one of them or even if it is possible to do so as a non muslim without persecution.

  • Indonesia 204,847,000 (87.2%)
  • Pakistan 178,097,000 (96.4%)
  • India 171,012,000 (14.6%)
  • Bangladesh 145,312,000 (90%)
  • Nigeria 75,728,000 (47.9%)
  • Iran 74,819,000 (99.6%)
  • Turkey 74,660,000 (98.6%)
  • Egypt 73,746,000 (90%)

 12 years ago a man named Barack Obama ran for president and I was upset with George Bush(and rightly so) because after 911 he hid Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Twin Tower attack and instead attacked Iraq. We know now from Wikileaks that the Bush’s were in bed with Saudi Arabia so it’s no surprise they are voting for Hillary Clinton. Think about that for a minute, the Bush family supports Hillary Clinton.. Why? Because Donald Trump is going to expose Bush, Clinton’s and Obama for what they are – Criminals. We’ve been sold out folks just like our European counterparts.

The islamic invasion is real it’s written in their koran to take over the whole world and they have just about accomplished it for the second time. Every country that allows them to migrate ends up being totally muslim.  It may take 100 years but that is the way it works and if Hillary Clinton gets in office she will select supreme court justices that will side with the muslims instead of us.

I know it may be hard to see because you don’t have the almost 40 years of experience and travel over the last 20 years as I’ve had. But if I had to do it all over again I couldn’t folks the roads I traveled are too dangerous now. This is why after the Paris theatre attacks I threw caution to the wind to support Trump and share with the world what I know.

I simply didn’t vote when Obama ran I thought it was ok and cool that we had the 1st black president but I didn’t know(stupidly) that he is a muslim. In Europe they laughed at me for Christ sakes we just killed Hussain in Iraq and now we elect on President? He says he is not muslim but his father and step-father were and he was raised muslim. It’s hard for us to understand how different their sets of beliefs are what’s right is left and what’s left is right. It’s important to understand the history of the world remember the Dark Ages?  Yeah, they were dark because we were under islamic rule. They don’t teach us that in school on purpose folks.

If Hillary Clinton gets in office the world will be plunged into world war 3 with Russia. Russia will have no choice but to defend itself as the United States unleashes it’s many proxy islamic armies aka ISIS or “rebels”.  It will also lead to civil war here as well of course the islamic migrants will do here what they have done everywhere else for 1400 years. Texas patriot Governor Abbot has already proposed a Convention of The States: http://gov.texas.gov/news/press-release/21829.

Britain is facing civil war now with only 4%(likely higher) islamic population as the migrants don’t feel they have to follow British laws and instead follow the teachings in the koran. Germany is also facing civil war, in fact all of Europe is invaded and faced with fact of either taking up arms and fighting or forfeiting the freedom of themselves and their future generations. I fear France is already lost.

I love all people but we have to be honest with ourselves the koran says to kill or convert us all. Islam gives 0 rights to women, gays, mentally challenged. It’s a religion that was started 600 years after Jesus birth, it’s actually a political system and was used to conquer most of the world TWICE. This is why we had the Crusades and the Crusades are the only reason we don’t speak Arabic and our girls allowed to show how beautiful they really are.


Please before you cast your vote read Wikileaks. You don’t have to tell anyone how you voted but the reason your parents are telling you to vote Trump is because they have the experience as I do to see what the future may look like for the 40 years. This is the most important vote of our life ask me anything.

Bruce Porter, Jr.

3 thoughts on “Why I voted Trump and you should too @Wikileaks”
  1. Drema Quesenberry November 6, 2016 on 10:48 pm Reply

    Thank you Bruce I’m sharing on Facebook too God Bless you I pray Americans educate themselves and Trump is our next President

  2. Limor November 8, 2016 on 10:23 am Reply

    Very eye-opening and chilling details of what awaits us here in the USA. Alas, I am sure it is already here. Thank you for taking the time to share the truth with us and the world.
    Please let me know if you ever need any volunteer assistance, here and there, with the writing, fact-checking, proofreading, etc. I would be glad to volunteer my time to assist you in delivering your message….
    Before it’s too late.
    The Deplority Report

  3. Erin Chandler June 5, 2017 on 7:09 pm Reply

    Thank you for educating me more. You are doing a great job. I truly hope people read what true information you post.

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