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French Police Demonstrate Across France La #manifpolice à Lyon

French Police Want To Arrest Migrants

Migrants are sleeping on the streets of Paris the city is overrun.  Across France police are demonstrating they want to be able to fight back and arrest or kill the migrants.  Their hands are tied the migrants actually have more rights than they do and much less to lose. I have seen videos of the police protests from Versailles and Lyon and the native French support the cops.


Nothing in the news I found some videos and an article that I translated from French here. Everyone is so wrapped up in the fact that Donald Trump will be the next President and Obama, Bill+Hillary Clinton are criminals it’s easy to hide France’s migrant problem but this is important. These same criminals whose crimes we see unravelling everyday are bringing millions more of these same migrants and it will lead to unrest and upheaval in America as well.

We gotta get smart and I mean fast folks the enemy is in the gate.


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