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A Patriots Guide To Stay Alive On Twitter Post ICANN Transfer #TheTwitterPartyIsOver

Twitter new TOS affect on Republicans


How to block antagonist and trolls on Twitter

How to block antagonist and trolls on Twitter

I like many others received a message from Twitter updating their TOS. Couple of things I wanted to point out to fellow Christians and the TrumpTrain. The free speech that we have enjoyed on the internet is coming to an end and I fear #TheTwitterPartyIsOver.

Along with a new TOS came a flood of newly commissioned Chatbots and left wing antagonist who’s sole intent seems to be draw out our emotions, which after so many insults & islamic terrorist attacks this year are understandably high. Twitter’s new TOS includes making repeated false claims, overuse of someone’s Twitter hander and having too many users block your account. For these reasons you should block each and every account that is rude and antagonizing as your conversation will be used against you.

Click on the round button near the follow icon and use the drop down menu to block the user.

It’s worth mentioning that though Twitter provides an API and encourages us to use it there are some scripts/code, bots that violate their TOS. For instance if you are using automatic Favs or auto-retweet bot, or using a script to auto-follow/unfollow users this can also suspension. Let me know if you have any questions.

6 thoughts on “A Patriots Guide To Stay Alive On Twitter Post ICANN Transfer #TheTwitterPartyIsOver”
  1. Tenn_Infidel October 6, 2016 on 5:15 am Reply

    Thank-you for the Insight on what is Happening.. Us Christians& Trump Supporters would do well to Heed your Advice so I’m passing it along and I will start Blocking those Annoying Hillbots..! Be Blessed & Safe Friend..!! TRUMP/PENCE 2016..!! 🇱🇷🗽🇱🇷

  2. Zachery Kelley October 7, 2016 on 2:18 am Reply

    Thank you for the information. I will block any antagonist leftists.

  3. John Mclaughlin June 17, 2017 on 9:40 pm Reply

    Excellent advice. Thank you for this.

  4. John Mclaughlin June 17, 2017 on 9:41 pm Reply

    Excellent advice. Thanks so much for this.

  5. Sacha June 18, 2017 on 12:19 am Reply

    Been following you for nearly 2 years you are doing a great job Bruce,what’s the answer to defeating Islam?? They are winning as something deep is happening and I believe ISIS is the elites army to have NWO with one world government and one world religion Islam.I could say much much more but I don’t see any resolution to the cancer of Islam.

  6. John Eckert October 19, 2017 on 6:13 pm Reply

    Bruce, @jeckert68 I’ve been banned from Twitter, when i look at my account from someone else’s account it doesent say I’m suspended. I believe the globalist are making a move.

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