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I’m Going To The Capitol To STOP #ICANN Transfer And You Should Too


Despite a current ICANN transfer Congressional defund & our repeated protests Mitch McConnell and the GOP presented a Stop Gap Funding bill commonly called a CR without any first amendment protection for the IANA Steward Transition. The move was immediately met with protests as the current “no funds shall be used” defund expires on sept 30th. Against overwhelming American opposition Obama moves to give the internet root naming directory ICANN to a shadowy group of multi-nationals with no government oversight. They set the vote for Monday Sept 26, 2:15pm setting a digital showdown in the Capitol like the world has never seen.

CALL CONGRESS 202 224-3121 tell them they MUST INCLUDE “no funds shall be used” in the CR or the TrumpTrain is gonna work against them this election. We’re better off with Democrats folks at least we know what we’re getting than elect honest Republicans moving forward.

I’m going to the Capitol to CALL OUT AND HOLD ACCOUNTABLE EVERY SINGLE SENATOR until we STOP ICANN with filibuster if needed. The only time we can add/keep ICANN on CR is while the appropriations bill is in the Senate. Once the Senate passes the bill the House can make NO CHANGES and must vote the bill up or down. The Senate will leave Washington, DC as soon as they vote so if the HouseĀ vote down the government shuts down Sept. 30th.

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