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Republican Senators up for Re-Election Can STOP ICANN Transition

CALL CONGRESS! 202 224-3121 Mitch McConnell & these feckless Republican Senators MUST BE CALLED & TWEETED we must add “funds may not me used” to appropriations bill CR to block ICANN transfer & if they don’t add ON MONDAY STOP ILLEGAL IANA steward transition ceding our 1st Amendment protection on the web WE MUST VOTED […]

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STOP The ICANN Transfer Ceding 1st Amendment to IANA Stakeholders

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ICANN TRANSFER CALL CONGRESS! +1 202 224-3121 Tell them the MUST BLOCK this transfer it will cede free speech submitting the internet root naming system ICANN to a shadowy group of multi-national stakeholders with no government oversight. Here is Mr. Goran Marby admitting there will be no 1st Amendment […]

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