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Promotional models are used worldwide to create a specific impression about a product or company or promote a brand to a specific group of people. The attractive, smart, and educated models learn the dynamics of your business quickly and integrate seamlessly into your brand. Potential clients normally should not be able to tell that the girls are hired help but instead think the models work for your company full time. An International promotional modeling agency provides you the flexibility to staff multiple promotions in multiple locations simultaneously at a tiny fraction of the price of hiring full time employees.

EmmeGirls CEO Emme Porter“When choosing a promotional modeling agency look for their figure head, who is in charge of the agency? Can you speak and communicate easily with the person in charge? You only get one chance to make a first impression. You need a CEO or manager, who the models respect and has the experience to know how and who will give you the best performance to maximize your ROI.”

EmmeGirls leverages our fabulous CEO, DC’s own, long time Washington Capitals NHL cheerleader and Coach Emme Porter. Ms. Porter brings years of promotional, staffing, and event management experience to execute your elite staffing and ultra luxury event needs. Whether you need 1 model or 100 models Emme Porter flexes the EmmeGirls database of over 50,000 models, sports personalities, and celebrities worldwide to find the right staff for you important event.

Call today to book talent NYC to Amsterdam +1 202 436 5114 and ask for Emme!

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