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Emme Porter, Bruce Porter Jr - photo credit Vithaya Photography

Getting To Know Your Fellow Red Rockers: an Interview with Emme Porter

Author’s Note: Now that I am in my 4th year covering the Capitals here at, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to get in touch with some of those faithful Red Rockers. Of course, I speak of Caps fans, and from time to time throughout the season I will be bringing you interviews with a variety of friends, partners and fans of the Washington Capitals.

First up in “Getting To Know Your Fellow Red Rockers” are Emme Porter and Bruce Porter Jr. of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Emme and Bruce:

SH: What is your connection to hockey?

Emme Porter: We have many connections to hockey. First and most obvious is that I am a Red Rocker. Bruce Porter Jr, my husband and business partner, was a division I prep school hockey player. We are both competitive Ice Dancers and will be competing together at International Ice dancing championships all over Europe this year. We both coach skating at the Kettler Capitals IcePlex in Arlington VA, the training facility for the Washington Capitals. My Russian step-father is an Olympic skating coach and also an avid hockey player…so skating and hockey roots run deep in our family. Actually my brother-in-laws family owns one of the largest ice rink Olympic training facilities in CT….we are a skating family!

SH: How did you come to be involved with the Washington Capitals?

EP: I am a coach at Kettler Capitals IcePlex and the skating Director at the time recommended that I audition to be one of the Red Rockers, apparently they were looking for skaters to be part of the team. I was actually interviewed and asked to be profiled through the audition process, I made it and officially became the first Red Rocker!

Emme Porter

Emme Porter


SH: What events have you participated in with the Capitals?

EP: I have participated as a Red Rocker at countless events over the past three years entertaining, dancing and cheering with the squad. Some of the most memorable events are the Sneaker Ball, the EKS Fun Run and Walk and of course the Capitals Convention.

SH: How was the Capitals season opener?

EP: The Capital’s season home opener is always one of my favorite games of the year. The buzz and energy in the Verizon Center rushes through the veins of every fan. The game this year was great, very physical and we totally dominated. There was an unforgettable moment when Alex Ovechkin took his penalty shot and every fan was on their feet. The moment the puck hit the net completely changed the momentum of the game and the Capitals went on to dominate 7-2 for the final.

SH: What is EmmeGirls?

EP: EmmeGirls is a national promotional marketing agency headquartered in Washington, DC. We staff elite models for various events including, trade show models, spokesmodels, producing in-game entertainment at sporting events, runway fashion shows, hot promotional models and dancers from DC to Las Vegas.

Bruce Porter, Jr: EmmeGirls represents a new breed of hybrid marketing agency that uses smart, beautiful models in viral grass roots advertising campaigns and the management of social media through networks, search engine optimization, and clever marketing techniques to create the social buzz for advertising and branding.

SH: Besides Emme being a Red Rocker for the Caps what other sports teams do you work with?

EP: I have personally also cheered for the Washington Castles World Team Tennis, Bruce actually asked me to marry him at the Championship match(Washington Post Article)!

Emme Porter, Bruce Porter Jr Marriage Proposal at the World Team Tennis Championship - Photo from the Washington Post

EmmeGirls is a sponsor of the Military Bowl and we are responsible for staffing their in-game entertainment at the bowl as well as their grassroots marketing campaigns.

SH: What about work outside of the realm of sports?

EP: I am always very busy. EmmeGirls demands a lot of my time, managing the thousands of models needed to be a nationwide model staffing agency is exhausting! Bruce handles the marketing and SEO so that the business keeps coming in. We’re excited about the future.

SH: What are you looking forward to this year?

EP: I am looking forward to ice dancing competitively at international competitions all over Europe and launching and producing our reality tv show Bella Vita. Bella Vita TV is a reality show that features the triumphs, trials and tribulations of our hectic busy lives. It profiles our business with EmmeGirls, our lives as husband and wife, our new role as parents raising our beautiful daughter Bella, training to compete as ice dancers on the international stage, my professional cheerleading career and of course our many beautiful models.

SH: Will you be doing more sporting events in D.C. ?

EP: EmmeGirls loves all types of events, especially sporting events! We will continue to staff and produce shows, entertainment and viewing parties in DC and across the United States. This year we are looking forward to branching into branding an entertainment team for the Capital Polo Club.

SH: Finally, who’s your favorite player on the Caps?

EP: It is very hard to pick just one, we have such and amazing team. I continue to be impressed by Alex Ovechkin, he is such a natural raw player. All great players get their Stanley Cup and I’m sure he will too. I’ll be there to cheer him and the rest of the team on, one way or the other!

I would just like to say thank you to both Emme and Bruce for doing the interview, it was a great pleasure and be sure to check them out if you’re in need of some lovely ladies for any of your upcoming events.

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